CEO of BusyGal, LLC and Founder of BusyGal HELPS Foundation

The Story of BusyGal — Out of desperation came inspiration!

I am Felicia M. Lopes and I am both an Off Broadway theatrical general manager/producer as well as an Online Entrepreneur.  You can learn more about what I've done in the professional theatre at www.FeliciaLopes.com.

I officially formed BUSYGAL, LLC in September 2016 to inspire Women-over-40 to become entrepreneurs.  The reason I target Women Over 40, is based completely upon my life story which is not unlike so many other women's stories.  Check out an article I wrote about the rise of the contingent worker which is extremely relevant to what Women Over 40 are experiencing all over this country:  Exploring the Role of the Contingent Work in the U.S. Labor Market

I have a Masters Degree from Columbia University.  I have worked successfully both on and off Broadway as a theatrical general manager and producer in the NYC theatrical community for 20+ years, yet when the Recession hit 10/11 years ago in 2007/2008 - it never lifted for me nor for millions of Women Over 40 in this country.  NYC was Ground Zero for more than just the towers.  It was Ground Zero for every area of industry and business out there; thus I couldn't get work to pay the ever present bills! 

To make matters worse, my mother who is elderly and alone, got sick and I had to go back to my hometown of Dallas, TX to care for her.  The theatrical industry that I'd worked in for 20+ years does not exist in Dallas.  I was over 45 and now I was faced with re-branding ME and transitioning into becoming who I am today - an Online Entrepreneur - because, like so many other women my age - I became an entrepreneur out of desperation rather than inspiration!   It seems that by the time we get to our mid-40s most of us who have not necessarily "gotten it right" in our 20s and 30s need a second chance in the second chapter of life!  

A lot of women in this time of life are in Transition and find that we are having a difficult time getting employed as we are now seen as "old and no longer relevant" to this youth obsessed, millennial driven society.  It seems that our professional and life experiences are not valued in the majority of corporate culture, so entrepreneurship is the only path left for us!  As such we are faced with the daunting task of determining what we are going to do with the rest of our lives.  What is that  "next thing" going to be?  

The Empowerment of Women Over 40

BusyGal, LLC fills the gap, by embracing the multi-million dollar self help market, which revenue is mostly generated by middle-age women in the United States.  Through our BusyGal Events and Initiatives Programming such as our online bookstore powered by Amazon called the Positive Mental Attitude Store where we sell self-help and PMA books to re-power and reboot our minds towards success in our businesses and lives.  We utilize Meet Ups, Masterminds, Conference and Seminars as we actively develop programs such as our PRICE Series designed to impact Women to become Passionate, Relevant, Inspired, Connected and Empowered over a 12 Week Intensive.   We are also developing a monthly Leading Ladies Who Launch Meet-up and a bi-annual BusyGal Mastermind Alliance Seminar.

The Current Divisions of BusyGal, LLC

Outside of BusyGal BEES, we currently have 2 other divisions that make up BusyGal, LLC:

BUSYGAL SOLUTIONS  is powered by the proven system and revolutionary technology of Market America. We license Women Over 40 to become Internet Marketeers through the Un-Franchise business and get access to multi-billion dollar industries so that they can create ongoing residual income.

BUSYGAL FRIDAY VA  specializes in providing robust digital marketing services including social media marketing, website development and design, SEO, social video creation services, and remote secretarial services for small business owners and entrepreneurs.  We also provide affiliate resource services through Infusionsoft by Keap, live reception services by PatLive, and robust and specialized business plan software through Live Plan by Palo Alto.



Founder of Target Evolution upon which BEES is built

Crystal Victoria is the embodiment of strength having overcome several significant obstacles on her way to becoming a success. A native of Denton, Texas, Ms. Victoria spent her formative years seeking her life’s true passion and working diligently to find a way to leverage her skills to make a greater difference. Her educational background includes Civil Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington and Business Administration from El Centro College.  She brings with her almost a decade of entrepreneur experience including Target Evolution Foundation, a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization, which serves as the inspiration for the entrepreneurial educational program Target Evolution Entrepreneurial Institute (TEEI).

Crystal Victoria is currently a published author of five books and motivational speaker attuned to the needs of the coming generations. From the Streets to the Skies No Limits, is the autobiography of her life, revealing the strong woman behind the business, how she overcame obstacles, and her journey to becoming the change she wanted to see in the world. Crystal frequently mentors in the First Friday Program by Judge Jeanine Howard in Dallas County Criminal District Court, which helps young individuals complete probation and reintegrate into society. She is an investor level member of the Greater Irving Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce and works towards the empowerment and education of young women.

Her future goals are to pursue her Doctorate degrees in Political Science and Education. Over the past several years, Crystal has been featured in several magazines internationally, and has been interviewed on dozens of radio show programs both online and syndicated broadcasts. She also has consulted and worked with many successful startups and young aspiring entrepreneurs in Dallas and worldwide.

Her current projects include, The Behavior Transformative Entrepreneurial Training Course, which is positioned to transform behaviors and thinking of individuals whom have previously been incarcerated to pursuing a purpose and passion driven life, while contributing positively to the community as social entrepreneurs. It is currently being reviewed for implementation in Dallas County Probation, Dallas County Juvenile Services, Hutchins State Jail and Salem University’s Criminal Justice Degree Program. It has also been reviewed by SMU’s Doctorate of Criminal Justice Degree Program.



Larry Kemp is a 1980 Business School Graduate from the University of Texas at Arlington.  Larry began his professional career at IBM. He was promoted and selected from a small group, within IBM Executives, to become part of the Financial Management Team responsible for marketing and offering 1 million dollar finance options to qualified IBM clients.

Being a 4th Generation Businessman, Larry followed his natural entrepreneurial instinct, and in 1998 took over his family’s small commercial cleaning business that was founded by his Father in 1972.

Under Larry’s leadership KEMP & SONS General Services has grown from having 250K contracts in place to nearly $22 million, increasing revenues 18 fold.  KEMP & SONS General Services has a strong presence in the North Texas area and is gaining momentum in bordering states.  Larry also took the challenge, collaborated with another company to respond service provider needs of contract overseas and abroad.

The Company has been recognized by Harvard Business School and appeared in Forbes, CNN Money, and Inc. Magazine.  KEMP & SONS General Services has received numerous awards on a local, regional and national level.

Larry Kemp evaluates and aligns his vision all must coincide with the growth plan as a result he is focused on creating a culture of collaborations in order to diversify and expand into global markets.   Larry, who has a youtube channel called, Larry Kemp Fort Worth Businessman, is a much sought after Speaker and Mentor to up and coming entrepreneurs, small and minority business owners throughout the country.

Larry has been a supporter/advocate for small and minority owned business issues, and concerns.  Serving on various task forces and committees that promote entrepreneurship and economic development.

Larry and his wife, Reggi, reside in Fort Worth, TX.  Larry is the proud father of 2, and the grandfather of 4.




Reginalea (Reggi) Sturns-Kemp is a graduate of Clark Atlanta University, College of Business and The University of Oklahoma, College of Architecture.  Upon graduating from college, Reggi was hired as a Regional Account Manager for a national health and beauty supply company.  Followed by years of working with the Federal Aviation Administration in the areas of employee evaluations, retention and training.  After which she opened, owned and operated a Design and Construction Consulting and Specifying Company called A Claim Design and Development.  

Reggi joined forces with her husband to manage, and operate, a once small janitorial business, founded by her late Father in Law.  With her guidance Kemp & Sons General Services focused on making critical investments in technology, processes, employee training and back office operations.  Kemp’s Janitorial was revamped and Kemp & Sons General Services Inc. emerged.  Her goal was to position the company to aggressively go after new market segments like the Federal Government, Health Care and Transportation.   Revenues increased 18 fold from 1998 to the present time and a satellite location was opened.  Currently, she is working on a growth plan that will promote services nationally and internationally.  Awards for growth and expansion have led to recognition by Harvard Business School and articles in the foremost business magazines of America.

Reggi spearheads the company’s philanthropic efforts locally and abroad.  Most recently established college fund endowments and scholarships at local institutions of higher learning.  She is also active in women business issues and economic development related to small disadvantaged businesses.

Reggi and her husband Larry reside in Fort Worth, TX and are the parents of 2, and grandparents of 4.



Matt Houston is Principal of MLH Enterprises. MLH Enterprises is a Dallas-based firm that provides public affairs, education, professional development, and political consulting to organizations across the country. Clients include The Nelson Mandela Foundation, KIPP Charter School System, and various political candidates in the Dallas area. Matt was previously Executive Director of Group Excellence, a mentoring and tutoring company that provides programs to schools across the country. By hiring the best professionals, undergraduate and graduate students, and educators, Group Excellence sets the standard in preparing students for college and life. Matt is also Chief of Staff of BEAM, a company that offers bundled technology and professional services to provide high quality back office services and the capacity to grow. 

A desire to drive change, specifically in the area of economic equality for all, is Matt’s personal mission. Houston believes the path to success is through education and business creation. To that end, he works tirelessly to advocate for new businesses, wealth and job creation, and communities that create and value their economic engines. In his free time, Houston is an active member of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, serves as Vice Chair on Dallas’ City Planning Commission, and is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Matt is a native of Dallas and earned his bachelor’s degree in Economics from Southern Methodist University (SMU) and his Executive Masters of Business Administration degree from the Neely School of Business at Texas Christian University (TCU). He was also in the Blueprint for Leadership Program Class of 2008 (Center for Nonprofit Management) and Leadership Dallas Class of 2012 (Dallas Regional Chamber).   


Dr. Pullum has been called a Trailblazer, a Transformer, a Visionary, & The Chain Breaker. Her life’s mission to help women heal and grow their greatness by loving themselves and walking into their purpose! Dr. Pullum has an enlivening presence that compels people to stop allowing limits placed on them to hinder their growth toward becoming all that they have been destined to be. Dr. Pullum creates a platform for women to share their stories of Triumph through the Arts. She is an extraordinary woman leading a life of purpose. Dr. Pullum is the President of PullCorp Media & Business Consulting Group. Dr. Pullum is currently featured in Essence Magazine’s April Issue & Black Enterprise Magazine. She was honored in Washington, DC as one of 2016 Top 50 Powerful Women for Walker’s Legacy Business Group. She serves a mentor for US Black Chamber of Commerce Business Tour. Dr. Pullum oversees Creating Opportunities For Excellence Mentorship Academy. The academy features influencers who mentors young women from 15 to adulthood in various areas of their lives. She serves as a Vision & Business Strategist to many. Dr. Pullum is an active board member for various charitable organizations. She is a charter member for the 100 Black Women Organization. Dr. Pullum has shared her story and encouraged others to break the chains in their life with her best-selling memoir “Breaking the Chains: From Hurting to Healing” and her stage play “Breaking the Chains: It’s A Family Affair”. Dr. Pullum travels the country advocating on the behalf of Sexual Assault, Human Trafficking, & Domestic Violence Victims.






Marisela Jiménez specializes in business administration, organizational development, and corporate communication. She provides consulting and leadership training based on emotional intelligence with an emphasis on developing and improving teams and leaders’ performance.

Marisela’s formal education includes a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Corporate Communication from Rock Valley College, a Master’s Degree in Management and Public Administration from Framingham State University, and she a Doctorate Degree in Management in Organizational Leadership from the University of Phoenix. In addition, Marisela is certified in the facilitation and development of the Emotional Intelligence Quotient 2.0 (EQ-i 2.0), 360 Degree 2.0 and EQ-i 2.0 Higher Education Assessments. Marisela has recently completed her quantitative research in context of organizational performance involving emotional intelligence and leadership theory.

Marisela resides in Irving, Texas and is actively involved in the Irving business community as an advocate for Hispanic/Latino women leadership and business development.


Dr. Brown works to assist clients with the most dependable assistance available through counseling efforts, consulting and coaching. My passion for working with people and sticking with them until their final goal is achieved is of utmost importance. Need a SuccessCoach or counselor? Need someone who is dependable and will hold you accountable till you reach your goals? I'm the one you should have on your team! Need a cheerleader! Need a mentor? I'm your gal! I believe in hard work, but I also believe in having fun - balance is key!


As "America's Ambassador on Success," Steve speaks, trains, and writes on the topic of personal achievement and remarkable living. His lessons are forged from his years as a U.S. Marine Sergeant, Police Officer, Singer-Songwriter/Recording Artist, Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer, and Published Commercial Photographer. 

Through his educational and inspiring talks offered in English or Spanish, he helps executives, entrepreneurs, and business owners gain control over their thoughts, decisions, and actions. These are the 3 pillars which serve as the foundation for all personal and business success. 

Steve is also the creator of "Can't Wait to Speak!" a live training during which attendees learn to become an excellent communicator and presenter using his formula of "how to look, what to say, and how to say it." 

As Host of The Stevie G. Success Show: The #1 Personal Achievement Podcast, Steve engages and empowers listeners through insightful and entertaining guest interviews with ordinary people doing extraordinary things. 

Steve is available for international speaking and training assignments for multi-cultural corporations, business and student associations.







Mr. Lucky has first hand experience in working towards community building and selfempowerment.
While serving four years in prison, Mr. Lucky united the notorious rival gangs, the “bloods” and the “crips”.
Mr. Lucky also created a non-profit program in prison to assist young people in getting out of gangs. After release from prison
in 2000, Mr. Lucky joined Vision Regeneration, an organization that does work in Dallas that is vital to the health of the entire
community because it seeks to end the cycle of violence that claims so many young lives each year. Mr. Lucky used his “OG”
(Original Gangster) status to successfully assist Vision Regeneration in convincing 170 active gang members to sign a truce and end violence in the South Dallas area. Antong, has helped create jobs and assist with the hiring process of over 300 men and women with innovative and creative partnerships with various agencies throughout the Dallas Ft.-Worth area.
Through mentoring students and educating parents, Mr. Lucky has successfully decreased school violence, proven record of accelerated attendance and most importantly increased standardized test scores in area known schools. From 2000 to present dates, Mr. Lucky has served on the Board of Directors for the prominent, Southfair Community Development Corporation in Dallas, an organization that seeks to improve the quality of life for the residents in South Dallas. Mr. Lucky focused on the promotion of neighborhood revitalization, primarily through the development of affordable housing, economic development and the renewal of needed support services. Mr. Lucky serves on the Board of Directors for Frazier Revitalization Inc., which is responsible for millions of dollars in investments to the underserved Frazier neighborhood. Antong currently sits on the board of Miles of Freedom, a non-profit created by exoneree Richard Miles to assist men and women getting out of prison. Mr. Lucky has traveled from state to state delivering his message of change for young people. He was part of a special delegation of civic leaders to go to St. Petersburg, Russia to inform their government of new solutions to the crime issues facing their youth. Mr. Lucky prides himself on change, knowing that sharing his personal testimony could perhaps lead many in the right direction.

Mr. Lucky was awarded Mayor of the Day for Outstanding Community Work in 2001; received the Max Goldblatt Community Service Award and Distinguished Leadership Award from El Centro Community College in 2002. In 2003, Antong flew to Chicago, Illinois and completed his formal organizing training from The Midwest Academy, “Organizing for Social Change”. In spring of 2006, Antong completed The SMU Entrepreneur Course at SMU Cox School of Business. In 2007, Antong Lucky was nominated to be Texan of the Year by an anonymous Dallas Morning News editor. Also in 2007, Mr. Lucky received the coveted “Let Justice Roll like a River” award from Williams Institute. In recent years, Mr. Lucky noticed the major impact music has on society, he took his passion for change to the next level by creating his very own record label WMRM Inc., in an effort to positively reach the youth through music. In 2012, Mr. Lucky went into the Bail Bonds business as a Bails Bondsmen agent and is one of the most respected businessmen in the South Dallas community. Mr. Lucky currently resides in Dallas and has 3 wonderful children.
“An important key to healing communities across the Nation and solving the issue of crime is to find non-traditional solutions that work along with priming the entrepreneur spirit inside, and what we’ve seen in the work we done is when you take men and women whom the youth respect and have walked in their shoes but have changed their lives dramatically, they serve as an important ingredient to restoring this Nation. These men and women have been look upon as the problem and thus written off by society but I’m telling you they are and should be looked at as part of the solution their success is interwoven into America’s success,” Antwon Lucky


Coaching Professionals leaving corporate America to start their own "heart-centered" business
• Assisting Professionals with getting “unstuck” and and getting clarity on their “Life’s Purpose”
• Specialize in Outplacement Consulting & Coaching for Business Startup
• Student and Instructor of Mystical and Metaphysical Studies for over 20 years
• Accomplished entrepreneur of 20 years
• Received Business of the Year Award from local Chamber of Commerce 

Assure Coaching’s programs are for you if:

► You don’t have a clue of what your “Purpose in Life” is and are frustrated with your current job
► You get a bit stressed and a “sick in the stomach” feeling with the alarm sound in the morning
► You’ve been looked over one time too many for a promotion or your last raise was an insult
► It’s clear that your life in corporate America has come to a dead and you’re feeling stuck
► You’re beginning to resent your boss, co-workers, and/or customers
► You can’t stomach the thought of another 3-5 years doing what you're currently doing daily

Business Strategist:

• Develop business plans and manage investor’s relations for capital formation,

• Create business models, business processes, and prepare businesses for pitching to investors to raise startup capital (i.e., get your company "Shark Tank Ready"!

• Adjunct Professor at Dallas County Community College District (Northlake Campus). 

• Co-Founded and operated a Computer Training Center – Clients included startup – Fortune 500 companies

• Organized and managed technical teams responsible for designing and developing Management Information Systems for various industry sectors with budgets ranging from $10K - $10 Million.

Strength Profile: Achiever * Strategic * Learner * Connectedness * Deliberative