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The Maven Entrepreneur Curriculum

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80 Hour Curriculum + 20 Hours of Bonuses

Lifetime Access

The Maven Entrepreneur Curriculum is an 80 hour self paced online curriculum with 8 ten-hour interactive courses + 20 hours of bonus materials that include these Bonuses:



The Maven Business Starter Kit which includes...

• A professionally designed logo for your new business

• 500 New Business Cards
• 3 Months Free Access to Live Plan Business Plan Software
• 3 Months Free Access to a Customized Point-of-Sale Financial Management Software, and
• A New Custom Designed Business Website with a custom URL for your new business


You will get lifetime access to all eight courses + all the bonuses listed above which are valued at over $1500.  This means that you’ll always be able to refer back to them, should you ever need a refresher — even after you've completed your studies and received your certificate of completion! 


You will receive these bonus AFTER you have completed all the courses and received your certificate of completion. 


You will receive your Access Code to Enroll 5 minutes after you have purchased the curriculum.  You can choose 1 of 3 ways to pay.  See below:


Curriculum Price: $1797 if paid in full*




Here is a list of the courses:

1. 1. Cultivating the Entrepreneurial Mindset (Curriculum)

12 HOUR COURSE 24 Months Access Targeted to Women Over 40, students will develop the mindset associated with success in entrepreneurship. 


2. 2. Components of Business Success (Curriculum)

10 HOUR COURSE 24 Month Access This course covers the basic components of business success such as the business life cycle, marketing and branding, sales strategy, organizational development, and...


3. 3. Business Communication (Curriculum)

15 HOUR COURSE 24 Month Access This course covers all the iterations of what Business Communication is about including Presentation, Interpersonal, and Networking Skill Development.


4. 4. Personal Finance Management (Curriculum)

18 HOUR COURSE 24 Month Access This course teaches the fundamentals of personal financial literacy. Our disciplined approach to financial management begins by understanding individual financial l...


5. 5. Introduction to Business Law (Curriculum)

10 HOUR COURSE 24 Month Access This course contains the basics of business law so as to inform the start up entrepreneur about the legal issues and risks that all business owners face and must m...


6. 6. Technology and Apps for Businesses (Curriculum)

15 HOUR COURSE 24 Month Access Technology and Apps for Business is for the "non-coder" and is designed to introduce business professionals that are not coders, to the intricate world of code and ...


7. 7. Business Finance (Curriculum)

12 HOUR COURSE 24 Month Access Business Finance acquaints learners with business forms, financial statements, capital budgeting, time value of money, business budgeting, and economics. This cours...


8. 8. Raising Capital for Businesses (Curriculum)

12 HOUR COURSE 24 Month Access Launching a new business requires much skill and preparation. Before a new business owner can raise capital for their startup, they must first identify the differen...

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