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The Maven Curriculum


The Maven Entrepreneur Curriculum is a self-paced online curriculum featuring all 8 Core Courses PLUS over $1500 in Bonuses!

Curriculum Description

Course #1, you will develop the mindset of an entrepreneur.

Course #2, you will learn the basic components of business success such as the business life cycle, marketing and branding, sales strategy, organizational development, and operations.   Course #3 covers all the iterations of what Business Communication is about including Presentation, Interpersonal, and Networking Skill Development as well as the "Soft Skills" of business. 

Course 4 encompasses the fundamentals of personal financial literacy via a disciplined understanding of individual financial life goals, current income needs, tax liability, credit repair, and financial responsibilities. 

Course #5 contains the basics of business law so as to inform the start-up entrepreneur about the legal issues and risks that all business owners face and must make decisions upon. 

Course #6 was built for the "non-coder" and is designed to introduce business professionals that are not coders, to the intricate world of code and programming.

Course #7 will acquaint you with business forms, financial statements, capital budgeting, time value of money, business budgeting, and economics.

Course #8 will help you identify the different sources of funding which include; equity, debt, family and friends, loans, crowdfunding, or a combination of them all. 

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• A professionally designed logo for your new business

• 500 New Business Cards
• 3 Months Free Access to Live Plan Business Plan Software
• 3 Months Free Access to a Customized Point-of-Sale Financial Management Software, and
• A New Custom Designed Business Website with a custom URL for your new business

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